bigdig1Paul Reed has been working as a military historian in television since 2001. He started with ‘The Forgotten Battlefield‘, a programme about WW1 battlefield archaeology in Flanders, which was part of BBC2’s Meet The Ancestors series. He then moved on to work for BBC Timewatch as a consultant and contributor working on key projects like Michael Palin’s Last Day of World War 1 and Gallipoli: The First D-Day. He has been working with old BBC colleagues at 360Production since 2009 on series like Dig1940, Dig WW2 with Dan Snow and WW1 Tunnels of Death for Channel 5, where Paul was one of the main contributors throughout the series.

WW1 Tunnels of Death is available to watch again on 5-On Demand on YouTube.

In addition Paul has worked in many other projects such as BBC1’s My Family At WarWho Do You Think You Are and the US version of Who Do You Think You Are as well as Channel 5’s War Hero In My Family.

In 2016 Paul was an advisor to the BBC for Somme100 coverage, appeared on almost every TV Channel over the Somme100 period, and is currently working on a documentary about the Somme for Channel 4 which will be shown in November 2016.



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