Somme100: South Wales Borderers at Mametz Wood

SWB 38 Div-1

This image shows men of the South Wales Borderers who served in one of the battalions of this regiment which fought with the 38th (Welsh) Division at Mametz Wood in July 1916.

On this day, 7th July, one hundred years ago in 1916, the men in this photograph took part in the assault on part of Mametz Wood called ‘The Hammerhead’. It was a costly disaster, with few ever reaching the wood itself. Today we remember that sacrifice a century on and wonder how this day affected those we see in this image, which includes some very young soldiers.

2 thoughts on “Somme100: South Wales Borderers at Mametz Wood

  1. Hi Paul ,
    Just found this from one of your posts on Twitter so thanks for compiling this website – I’m sure there’s hours of fascinating stories & info to read ! ……. Thought you may be interested in an article that was featured in South Wales about my Great Grandfather ….. Hope this is of interest and thanks again for this interesting site.

    Best Wishes
    Mark Phillips

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