Book Review: Epitaphs of the Great War – Somme

epitaphsEpitaphs of the Great War: The Somme by Sarah Wearne
(Uniform Press, ISBN 978 1 910500 521,132pp, hardback, £10.99)

I have been following the author of this book, Sarah Wearne, for a while on Twitter. She posts interesting and unusual inscriptions from British and Commonwealth wargraves of the Great War. This book is essentially a printed version of this but with a lot more information than it is possible to post on Twitter.

The author has selected a large number of inscriptions that not only give insights into grief and commemoration, but also into the myriad faces and aspects of the Battle of the Somme. In that respect the book makes a good battlefield companion, to carry when on the ground and follow some of those mention in it. It really is an excellent little book which was fascinating to read and the author has put a lot of work into selecting some meaningful inscriptions that help bring alive events a century ago. Recommended.

The book can be purchased via the Publisher’s Website.

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