Book Review: Somme – 141 Days, 141 Lives

somme141Somme: 141 Days, 141 Lives by Alexandra Churchill & Andrew Holmes
(History Press 2016, ISBN 978 0 7509 6532 3, 232pp, hardcover, illustrated, £25)

This new book by Alexandra Churchill and Andrew Holmes is one of many new titles that have appeared in the lead up to Somme100. Many of these books tell us little new, but here we have a fabulous book with some stunning photographs of the battlefield today, which does genuinely shed some new light on the battle through the stories of so many who fell there in 1916.

The book looks at 141 soldiers who died on the Somme and follows a chronological approach so you can trace the course of the battle, and the history of the Somme campaign, through the lives and deaths of these men. It makes fascinating reading and there are some great stories, from poets to Pals to fathers and sons, and men from many nations, not just Britain and the Commonwealth.

This is a hugely engaging book, well written and researched, and the stunning photos of the battlefields as they are today by Andrew Holmes make it a beautiful book to own, too. Highly recommended.

The book is available from the History Press website.

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