Somme 100 Ballot Goes Online

The Department of Culture, Media & Sport website for the Somme Centenary ballot went online yesterday. The website allows you to register for the official commemoration of the Battle of the Somme which will take place at the Thiepval Memorial, in the heart of the Somme, on 1st July 2016.

Registration was quick and easy. You add your personal details, which also include your passport number, and then the details are sent on. I had a registration email in just a few seconds.

Two things surprised me: the site promotes a special Eurostar service which will take those with tickets across for the day. Good for Eurostar but not so good for local hotels and services on the Somme. I also noted that anyone under 18 could not register; personally I would have preferred to see that set at 16. Having said that, so far the approach shows that DCMS are taking this seriously and that is to be welcomed.

2 thoughts on “Somme 100 Ballot Goes Online

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